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Planned Maintennce Engine/Deck/Electrical

For Windows and Apple Mac
Avocet PMS system is a Modular ERP system for the Shipping Industry. It handles multiple locations , Mobile Interface Ready .
 It is a client/server application, where the client program is run on a Windows PC, and the server program may use one of several different database systems.
A stand-alone configuration on a single PC is also available to be installed on board ships. Identical in operation it may or may not have instance replication of Data at multiple location.
Other option available for  Data Interchange is provided using WAN/LAN Network or external drive.

Some of the most basic feature of Plan Maintenance ER/DEC/ELectrical
    Separate installations so no interfering with other department.
    Ingration with iPhone/iPad Samsung Tablet and other standard PDAs.
    Plan Maintenance Define jobs to be performed regularly.
    Define maintenance schedules.
    Print lists of jobs to be done in the immediate future, as check-lists or with full descriptions of work.
    Plan extraordinary maintenance with Work Orders. Report Maintenance Report performance of planned maintenance, manually or semi-automatically with simple reporting.
    Keep records required by inspecting authorities.
    Print or display maintenance records.
    Report unexpected work and routine checks.
    Create work orders and report work based on work orders. with the present mariner in mind
    Our Apps/Program give easy access to functions with user friendly input boxes and buttons. The basic idea is to have one single program which can run on Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows , iPhone , iPad , Android and Tablets alike.




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