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We specializes in easy to use, fully customizable Point of Sale Systems and POS Software to meet the needs of any Restaurant, Retail Store, Salon, or other Business. Our PacPOS Point of Sale Systems and POS Hardware offerings are by far the most extensive listing of complete POS Systems and options available anywhere.We carry only top-grade, brand name POS Equipment and are proud to offer a 12 months of Free Technical Support for every Complete POS System we sell and set up!
We offer customized POS Systems - all fully customizable and offered with our industry best online pricing.
We even offer an array of services such as Menu Programming, Inventory Import, etc to make the implementation of your new POS System as smooth as possible.
process Browse by Business Type below, then use our easy-to-use POS System configuration tool to customize the perfect POS Software and POS System for your business! We can help you automate your daily processes and protect your businesses from theft and inventory loss at a price far less than could be found through a local Point of Sale dealer. We have friendly and knowledgeable Sales Consultants available to answer questions and help you create aPoint of Sale System that will best suit your unique needs. Call us at (713) 992-1768 (9:00-6:30 M-F EST) or email us at infopos@avocetdata.com
    Define maintenance schedules.
    Print lists of jobs to be done in the immediate future, as check-lists or with full descriptions of work.
    Plan extraordinary maintenance with Work Orders. Report Maintenance Report performance of planned maintenance, manually or semi-automatically with simple reporting.
    Keep records required by inspecting authorities.
    Print or display maintenance records.
    Report unexpected work and routine checks.
    Create work orders and report work based on work orders. with the present user in mind
    Our Apps/Program give easy access to functions with user friendly input boxes and buttons. The basic idea is to have one single program which can run on Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows , iPhone , iPad , Android and Tablets alike.

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Creation and Pre-Production

POS411 offers a variety of Retail Point of Sale Systems to meet the needs of nearly every business type. We offer multiple Retail POS Systems that are suitable for small businesses or even multi-store chain operations. We combine customized Retail POS Software with standard Hardware to provide a complete POS Solution for your business. Or, if you have the expertise to complete the project yourself, we can provide you with the Retail POS peripherals and Retail Point of Sale Software so you can install the system on your existing computer. We offer Retail Point of Sale Solutions with your needs in mind. Inventory control, gift cards, customer loyalty, in-house accounts, time and attendance, work orders, layaways, in depth reporting are just some of the features that our software can provide. Check out our Buyer's Guide for additional info or give our Sales Consultants a call so we can help you create a perfect Retail POS Solution for your business!


If you need any special preferences please contact us and we shall answer within 24 hours